Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Broadwinged Hawk Banded At Springbrook Nature Center

 For the first time in 26 years of banding birds at Springbrook Nature Center a Broadwinged Hawk flew into one of our mist nets and was captured immediatly and then banded and released.

This was pretty exciting for all the volunteers, most of whom don't get to see a hawk up this close.  Fortunately, volunteer Amber Burnete, who works at the Raptor Center, was present and very familiar with handling birds of prey. 

This turned out to be a Broad Winged Hawk that was only one year old, so a little inexperienced and may be why we captured it..  The eye color helps to determine the age, and has not turned to the brighter yellow af an older adult.

This hawk was very calm through the banding process, but wary of so many hands measuring and looking at feathers to determine its age.
 Here the band is being closed on the hawk's leg.  Now if this hawk is ever captured again we will be able to learn where it has traveled and how long it lives.
Here is the hawk being released.  the band can be clearly seen on its right leg.  If the hawk stays around Springbrook we will be able to see the band on his leg and know that this is the one we captured on Sunday, May 10, 2014.

The hawk was ready to go, and flew immediately into a tree nearby.  It shook its feathers out, and then flew back in the direction of the area where we captured it a little earlier.

Hope we see it again.

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