Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bird Migration In Full Swing At Springbrook Nature Center

 At Sunday's bird banding activity at Springbrook Nature Center migrating birds were everywhere.  The early migrants have been held back by the wet weather and late migrants have arrived from the south, making a great opportunity to see them all at one time.

This male Northern Shoveler duck was swimming just off the boardwalk.
 This Yellow Rumped Warbler was also on the cattails seen from the boardwalk, along with many others.  The yellow feathers on his rump show where his name comes from. 

These little warblers are early migrants, and have usually flown further north by now, but are still very common in the park.  they will be gone soon
 This Olive Sided Flycatcher is one of only four caught in our nets for banding in the past 26 years.  His hooked beak is very normal for flycatchers.

He is posing here after he was banded and ready for release.  He seems to be less "olive" colored than others I remember.
 Here with his wings open there is just a hint of the olive color that gives him his name.

Being captured, banded, and released did not seem to frighten himt too much, as I saw him again back in the same area at Springbrook yesterday, two days after his release.

The Black and White Warbler below was just one of the 22 species and 73 individual birds banded on Sunday at Springbrook.

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