Sunday, October 6, 2013

Late Fall Wildflowers In The Rain

 After all the weeks of very dry conditions the misty rain this morning seemed to be very welcome to the last wildflowers still holding on. 

This Purple Cone Flower was the only one left, and some of its petals were missing.

The wet cloudy day made the colors very vibrant.  The only challenge was keeping the camera dry.
 The New England Asters are in full bloom now, and hold the water drops for a long time before letting them roll off.

There were no bees or bugs pollinating in the rain.  When the sun returns they will be back.
One last lonely Black Eyed Susan seemed to be absorbing the rain drops into the seed head.  This moisture may help the roots and seeds stay healthy and bring large blooms next year for insects, birds, and us, to enjoy.

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