Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Heavy Fall Frost

 There was a heavy frost at Springbrook this morning, with no sun to melt it away early.

The last New England Aster flowers looked pretty droopy, but their colors were very vibrant and enhanced by the frost.
 The crab apples were encased in long crystals of frost.  The leaves were dropping off the tree as I was taking these pictures so the fruits will be more exposed now to migrating Robins, Bluebirds, and Cedar Waxwings.
 The last Black Eyed Susan flowers will be done for after this, and all that will be left will be seed heads.

The seed heads here seem to be the focus point for the frost crystals, with little columns rising off the seeds.
 This picture shows how the frost concentrated on the seed head, like a nest of crystals.
This American Gold Finch was too busy turning the seeds into breakfast to spend time admiring the frost. 

Not having a warm indoor area to return to means needing to constantly eat to stay warm.

The Gold Finch is in its winter plumage now, with the bright yellows of summer replaced by the duller colors that make hiding from predators easier.

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