Sunday, June 16, 2013

Red Headed Woodpeckers

 Red Headed Woodpeckers are not found at Springbrook but they are common in some areas of the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve on the north edge of the metro area.  Scientists and volunteers are collecting data on these attractive woodpeckers.  I took these pictures there today while documenting nesting activity.
 The males and females look alike.  Some of the birds are being banded using colored leg bands to learn about nesting habits. 

These two pictures show two different birds, the top one with a black and a blue band on its left leg, the other with a blue and a silver band on its left leg.
 The babies are hatching now in the woodpecker nests, and the adults can be seen bringing insect food to the young.

In a few weeks the young will be grown and leave the nest and the work of these hardworking parents will be over for the summer.

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