Friday, June 21, 2013

Blue Wildflowers at Springbrook Now

 New wildflowers are blooming almost everyday at Springbrook.  Now seems to be the time for blue.

These Spiderwort flowers were blooming in the prairies where I took these photos yesterday.

The plants seem to be in the most difficult to grow places, one plant per location out in the open.

But they are great for the pollinators, and the bees really like them, for pollen and nector.
 The Harebells grow in bunches on the edges between the prairies and woodlands.  They are just starting to bloom, as many unopened blossoms can be seen.

They look inviting to pollinators, but while I was taking these photos nothing landed on them. Butterflies flew by to land on what must have seemed more productive flowers near by.

 These flowers withstand wind and storms out in the open, but they always seem delicate and fragile when I see them up close.

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