Monday, May 6, 2013

Solitary Sandpiper at Springbrook--Barred Owl Eats Sparrow

 At yesterday's birdbanding at Springbrook Nature Center a Solitary Sandpiper flew into one of the mist nets.  The first one of these we have captured in over 25 years.  It was banded and released quickly but not before we had a good chance to see it up close. 
A beak longer than its head is an identifyer for this bird, as well as the very white eye ring.
The white eye ring is very obvious here.

We caught about 95 birds yesterday, many were migrating warblers and other migrants, including the sandpiper.

We caught several migrating White Throated Sparrows, but one we didn't catch was caught by the Barred Owl, who made a quick breakfast of it, swallowing it whole as can be seen below.  Yum!

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