Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bloodroot, Hepatica, and Prairie Smoke Blooming

 Last week the Bloodroot was in self protect mode as late snow threatened it.  But today its protective leaf has opened up and the flower stretched out toward the sun.

Compare this picture with the previous post where the leaf is wrapped tightly around the unopened flower.

In the picture below some of the leaves still look a bit tentative, but not the flowers.  They know bright warm sun when they see it and feel it.  The third picture shows them pointed right at the sun, soaking up all the warmth.

 The Hepatica has just opened this morning with tiny little flowers.  It is still a little early for it, and maybe in a few days the flowers will be more normal size.
 The Prairie Smoke also started blooming today.  The flowers have just opened up, although, as can be seen, they never really do "open" up.

Prairie Smoke flowers have only a small opening for pollinators, forcing them to crawl inside for the nector waiting as in the picture below. 

The flower will eventually open up as the seeds extend out in a few weeks giving it the "smoky" look that it's name comes from.

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