Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bluebirds, Robins, And Worms

 The Bluebirds and Robins have returned in great numbers.  I took these pictures the last two days. 

It is always a great pleasure to hear the Bluebirds singing when they return in the spring.  This beautiful male was flying from one nestbox to another trying to decide which was the best location to attract the perfect female.

The blue of these birds is very welcome after so little color all winter.
Male Robins have also returned and seem to be everywhere out on lawns and in fields.  They are looking for food after their long migration north.

They especially like worms, who come to the surface of the ground after the long winter.  But the worms do not go willingly, and put up a bit of a struggle, as seen in the pictures below.

 The worms mostly lose these contests, and the Robins get refueled and ready for their nesting season.

As the female Robins arrive over the next few weeks, mates will be chosen, and nesting will begin.

In the meantime, worms should beware of hungry Robins.

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