Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Robins

 Flocks of Robins arrived on migration last night and were actively eating last fall's crab apples off the tree in my yard this morning in the mist. There were often eight ot ten in the tree at once.

Many other Robins were flipping leaves in the garden where the sun has melted patches of snow, giving access  to little creatures hiding under the leaves waiting for a warm day.

Additional Robins were under the crab apple tree eating the little apples that fell off.

It was a busy place early this morning.
 The little crab apples are small but nutritious, causing the Robins to sometimes fend off what they saw as competitors for what they felt was their food find.
 There were many Cedar Waxwings feeding on the crab apples as well.  Most of them have been here all winter, so why they waited until the Robins arrived to try this food source is a mystery.

Both male and female Robins seemed to be in the flocks of newly arrived birds, so nesting will probably begin very soon.

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