Saturday, May 26, 2012

Birds/Warblers and Butterflies at Springbrook

This seems to be the year for butterflies at Springbrook.  I have already seen many more numbers and species than usual.  I saw three individuals of this Ohio Buckeye Butterfly yesterday.  This is the first time in 30 years I have seen this butterfly at Springbrook.   

The Red Spotted Purple butterfly down below was sitting in the access trail/road near the railroad tracks.  It was sipping water/minerals from beneath the rocks, so sat still with its wings open, an unusual sight.
This butterfly is usually flying fast in and around the edges of wooded areas, and is normally hard to get close to. 

This butterfly is closely related to the White Admiral in the post I made earlier this week. The two butterflies can interbreed, making for some odd color combinations in the next generation.
This "after second year" male Mourning Warbler is one we caught at last Sunday's bird banding at Springbrook.  This is one of the late migrants still flying north to find a place to nest for the summer.

This Chestnut Sided Warbler male is one of the prettier warblers we caught in the mist nets last Sunday.  After being measured and weighed, along with having a band placed on his leg, he was released to continue his journey north to find a nesting area.

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