Monday, July 4, 2011

Green Frogs Calling

 The large male Green Frogs were getting serious about territory and mating this past week at Springbrook as they called all through the day and night. Walking on the floating boardwalk I could see dozens.  30 years ago these frogs were not present at Springbrook but now are the most common frog. 

They are attractive frogs with bright yellow throats, green colors, and jewel like big eyes.  The large circular "button" behind the eye is the tympanic membrane of its ear.

 The frogs suck in air through their nose until they fill up like a balloon.  You can see this one looks like he is holding his breath--he is.  Then he blows it out quickly, expanding his yellow throat while relaesing the air, making a sound that is compared to a banjo string being plucked.
Other male green frogs hear the sound and see the throat patch size and determine if he is too big for them to take over his territory. Female green frogs hear it and determine if he is the one for them.

Notice the reflection of the boardwalk railing in the eye of the frog below.  Lay on your stomach on the baordwalk and you can get close up pictures of the frogs too.  But only for the next week or so.

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  1. Great photos! I don't suppose they're still out there now (July 8)? I would love to swing by and take some pics myself.