Thursday, June 16, 2011

Toads and Butterflies

I found this American Toad hopping near the pond in the south part of the nature center a couple of days ago.  He did not look happy.  He was completely covered with cottonwood "cotton" seed "fluff."  I took most of it off before I took the pictures.  
You can see how dejected he looked here.  The cottony seeds clung like sticky paper.  I'm sure with every bug he ate a ball of this stuff ended up in his mouth. 

I have friends that have this same expression when cottonwood seeds are blowing around.

In the picture below a Prairie Ringlet butterfly has landed near a Prairie Smoke flower that has gone to seed.  These medium sized butterflies are only out for about two weeks in early summer then they dissappear until next year. I didn't notice the aphids near its feet until after I took the picture

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