Friday, May 20, 2011

Deer Antlers, Blue Eyed Grass, Jack in the Pulpit, and Eastern Tailed Blue Butterflies

 The White Tailed Deer at Springbrook look pretty bad right now.  The males are starting to grow new antlers after dropping the old ones a few months ago.  Their winter fur is falling out with the reddish summer fur comming in.  And they haven't had a chance to fatten up after geting so skinny during the long winter.  But the first fawns have been born.  Look for them in the next two weeks.
 The Blue Eyed Grass is blooming in Springbrook's prairies along with the Pussy Toes and the Prairie Smoke.  The Blue Eyed Grass is small, but a very pretty native lily (not a grass as name implies).  This one was near the south prairie trail.

In the wet woodlands the Marsh Marigold is just finishing blooming and the Nodding Trilliums are blooming, but it is a very good year for Jack in the Pulpits as you can see below.  I don't remember ever seeing as many as there are this year, all over the forest floor.
 There are big and little "Jacks," big bunches, and single ones out in the open.  Look for them in the wet woods anywhere  at Springbrook and other wooded areas.

And, finally, one of my favorites, the Eastern Tailed Blue Butterfly.  They will be around for a couple of months, usually flying high in the trees.  This one was low yesterday getting some nectar from a wild Strawberry blossom in Springbrook's south prairie.  He looks like he has just emerged from his winter pupae state.  His wings are in perfect condition. Another was flying nearby.

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