Thursday, March 24, 2011

Robin-Early Bird Gets Worm

 In the middle of yesterday's snowstorm this Robin was wondering what happened to the nice spring weather.  At least that is what I imagined he was thinking.

The Robins seem to have arrived en mass a little early this year, but last week almost all the early migrators arrived within a few days.  Red Winged Blackbirds, Sand Hill Cranes, Great Blue Herons, Grackles, Fox Sparrows, Wood Cocks, are just a few of the ones I saw.

But this snow and cold weather will test some survival skills.
I don't normally consider birds able to make expressions with their fixed beaks, but this Robin seemed to be telling me what he thought of this weather in this picture.

The first and strongest migrants that arrive get first pick of the best territories, so this Robin is willing to put up with some cold weather for a choice space. 
Even though the Robins are here, I was very surprised to see this earth worm lying in the snow, slowly moving, in the middle of the trail at Springbrook on Tuesday.  While it doesn't look injured, I can only imagine that some bird, probably a Robin, dropped it while flying to a perch.  Who knows? 

But this is a case where I think the early bird-in this case the early migrating Robins, really did get the worm!  Or at least tried and dropped it later.

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